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Aquifer Exploration and Testing

Aquifers are deposited over long periods of time by geologic processes that vary from one location to another. These differences in geologic setting affect aquifer structure and composition, which, in turn, directly impact potential well yields, water quality, and overall productivity of the groundwater system. In many instances, reliable information describing the aquifer conditions in an area simply does not exist, and site-specific exploration must be conducted to verify groundwater supplies and water quality.

A well-designed and executed testing program typically pays for itself in reduced project costs and risks. R.W. Harden & Associates, Inc. provides a wide range of technical expertise associated with the design and implementation of field exploration programs focused on obtaining the data required for effective project planning at a reasonable cost. Our staff routinely designs testing programs, prepares technical specifications and contract documents, offers bidding support during the contractor selection process, and provides trained on-site personnel during test drilling, aquifer testing, or other exploration tasks.

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