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Water Rights Valuation, Acquisition and Management

R.W. Harden & Associates, Inc. has participated in many of the largest groundwater rights transactions in Texas. We have completed groundwater availability evaluations and value assessments of more than 500,000 surface acres associated with potential groundwater rights purchases, and have assisted clients during the process of executing water rights agreements for over 380,000 acres of property. R.W. Harden & Associates, Inc. routinely manages various GIS and database tasks associated with acquisition and management of groundwater rights and infrastructure rights-of-way. We have provided water rights valuation and acquisition support services for numerous clients including:

• Guitar Holding Company, Inc. • The City of Borger
• Mesa Water LP • Blue Water Systems LP
• Canyon Regional Water Authority • F.E. Hill Company LLP
• SAA Properties LP • The City of Amarillo
• Alliance Regional Water Authority • Lower Colorado River Authority

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