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Aquifer Storage and Recovery

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) is the simple concept of using an aquifer to store excess fresh water during periods when supply exceeds demand. This excess water can then be recovered to supplement supplies during periods of greater demand.

While ASR has recently gained increased public attention as an innovative method for managing long-term groundwater use, there are several conditions that must be met for ASR to represent a practical, cost-effective water management strategy. Each potential application of ASR must be evaluated with respect to the unique hydrogeologic, economic, and regulatory environments. R.W. Harden & Associates, Inc. has performed ASR feasibility analyses in a range of hydrologic settings for numerous clients including:

• The City of The Colony • The City of Lubbock
• The City of Waco • Region G Regional Water Planning Group
• The City of Brownsville Public Utility Board • Brazos River Authority
• The City of Bastrop

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