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Groundwater Modeling

Our modeling team continues to be at the forefront of design and development of groundwater flow models for use in a wide variety of hydrologic applications. Our geologists have the experience and training necessary to select the best modeling tools for the project requirements, and routinely employ both numerical and analytical methods to predict the behavior of complex aquifer systems. In addition to our expertise in commercially available modeling software, R.W. Harden & Associates, Inc. has developed in-house data processing and management systems that greatly enhance our modeling capabilities. R.W. Harden & Associates, Inc. maintains a software suite designed to tailor model input/output datasets to client requirements and to format and deploy information rapidly while eliminating many potential errors introduced by commercial programs.

Since 2000, Groundwater Availability Models (GAMs) have been used by Texas groundwater regulators and planners to generate Desired Future Conditions (DFC) and Modeled Available Groundwater (MAG) values. Harden & Associates has led GAM development teams for the Texas Water Development Board and is thoroughly familiar with the methods and assumptions commonly applied to GAMs that can significantly affect the results they produce.

We have developed groundwater flow models and performed simulations for many clients including:

• Texas Water Development Board • Southmost Regional Water Authority
• Canyon Regional Water Authority • Fort Stockton Holdings
• University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology • Alliance Regional Water Authority
• Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality • Mesa Water LP
• Luminant Mining Company LLC • Sanderson Farms, Inc.
• Devon Energy Production Company LLC • ALCOA
• High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1 • The City of McAllen
• Hickory Underground Water Conservation District No. 1 • Blue Water Systems LP

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