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Water Control / Remediation

Whether the goal is to limit influx to construction areas, manage the subsurface injection of waste fluids, or track migration of dissolved contaminants, the identification of the hydrogeologic factors that affect flow paths is crucial to developing effective control systems.

R.W. Harden & Associates, Inc. personnel are adept at recognizing the hydraulic parameters that influence groundwater flow paths and rates, and have decades of experience designing and implementing systems designed to manage groundwater fluxes in a variety of applications. Some previously completed projects include evaluation and management of surface disposal ponds, oil field brine disposal operations, agricultural recirculation, construction dewatering, mining depressurization, injection wells, solid waste facilities, and sea water intrusion. Previous clients include:

• Jefferson Smurfit Corporation • Walnut Creek Mining Company
• Structural Metals, Inc • Phillips Petroleum Company
• Devon Production Company LP • Shell Oil Company
• XTO Energy • Sun Exploration and Production Company
• ALCOA • Numerous Private Landowners
• Luminant • Baylor University

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